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Being Healthy in the Early Years
Becky Haynes, Nursery Manager, Codsall Community Nursery Being healthy, it’s something that we all strive for, right? Of course. Something easy for some and not for others? For sure. Is it something that we need to make that we encourage our children from a young age so that this gives them the li...
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Guest Blog for World Health Day from NutriFresh
In today's fast-paced world, where convenience often takes precedence over nutrition, fostering healthy eating habits among children has become more crucial than ever. At NutriFresh, we are on a mission torevolutionise nursery and school catering by providing delicious, nutritious meals that fuel yo...
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Embracing Inclusivity: Nurturing Children with SEND in Early Years 
Today we celebrate National Downs Syndrome Day, and I wanted to take the opportunity to explore the world of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) in the context of early years education. As we celebrate diversity, we should also acknowledge the challenges faced by leaders and practition...
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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Pioneers in Early Years Education 
With this month being Women’s History Month, we couldn’t let the month pass without paying respects to some of the great female pioneers in our early years sector. This month we can shine a light on and celebrate the pioneering women who have left an indelible mark on the early years sector, sha...
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Love Your Pet Day: Exploring Pets in Early Years Settings 
Welcoming furry or feathery friends into Early Years Settings can be an enchanting experience for children and staff alike. The presence of animals can bring joy, curiosity, and a myriad of learning opportunities.   However, like any enchanting tale, there are both pros and cons to conside...
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Empowering Voices
Written by Stacy Mann In the bustling symphony of life, there exists a profound truth: every voice matters. As we commemorate Children's Mental Health Week, it is essential to recognise the pivotal role of early childhood experiences in shaping our perceptions, attitudes, and understanding of mental...
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Supporting Safer Internet Day 2024
Kelly Fisher-Beasley, Trainer & Coach, The Early Years Company Birmingham South As early years professionals, we have survived January and the post Christmas blues and now look to February and what that potentially brings us in opportunities.  To kickstart February, we are supporting Safer ...
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Guest Blog - Roxy Sachdev - How Best Can Early Years Leaders Support Their Apprentices? An Assessors Point Of View.
Roxy Sachdev – Swift Apprenticeships Over the years the way that we think about and look after our students and apprentices has changed. The qualification has changed, and the expectation has changed. It's hard to break into an industry with no experience, whether you’re coming straight form sch...
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Guest Blog from Karen Derbyshire: Supporting Apprentices
Karen Derbyshire is the Operations Director for Early Years at Realise. Karen started her career as an apprentice in a day nursery, before quickly climbing up the ranks to become a Nursery Manager. After following her passion for education, Karen later pursued a career in apprenticeships, where she ...
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Lessons from the Post Office Scandal - What Can Early Years Leaders Learn?
In recent weeks, the Post Office scandal has captured our attention, shedding light on the profound impact investigations can have on individuals and their families. As nursery managers, we understand the delicate nature of managing people in our early years settings, and it is crucial to draw valua...
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