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Birmingham south

Kelly Fisher- Beasley, TEYC Trainer & Coach,
Birmingham South
Teacher, trainer, advisor...

Hi, I'm kelly. Since 2006 I have been working with children, initially teaching at primary school age however I quickly found my passion in early years in 2008 and moved into the early years sector as an Early Years Advisor for a large organisation in Birmingham.

In 2013 I gained my Early Years Professional Status and from 2014 I have been delivering a variety of training and professional development opportunities, including safeguarding, Paediatric First Aid and allergen training. As an advisor I have also focused on adding impact to my settings, ensuring that the children and families are at the heart of all practice.

My passion is to support early years settings, driving them to be the best they can possibly be, ensuring they have the Three I's at the heart of their curriculum so that impact can be added in all aspects of their practice. My aim is to share this passion and knowledge so that impact can be added in more settings across the Birmingham territory.


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