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Coming soon... EYT CPD Collective

August 15, 2022
3 minute read

Training. CPD. Growth. Development.  

We all know the usual routine. Book the training. Book cover. Send practitioner on training. Receive certificate. Nothing changes. Super frustrating, expensive, and adding very little value to your setting! 

The Early Years Company knows that getting our colleagues on a course is the easy part - its the embedding and reinforcement that is tricky, so we've taken that bit off your hands. 

How can we do that? I’ll tell you... 

The Early Years Company are very excited to be releasing a brand-new training offer VERY SOON! It's not like any other you have seen before! The EYT CPD Collective offers a range of learning opportunities, covering a variety of subjects. Each course bundle consists of a series of short pre-recorded training presentations which practitioners can undertake at their own pace! 

Each Bundle in our Collective comes with a workbook to be completed before certification happens. The workbook consists of completing a brief reflection for each short course in the bundle, and a selection of questions. Now here’s the good bit – the delegates are required to evidence how the training that they are taking is making a positive impact on your setting, thus adding value. Genius, right?! 

So how do we know that the learning has been embedded?  

Once the delegates have completed their reflections, answered the questions, created a plan, and evidenced the plan in action, they’ll submit it all to us, we’ll assess it, feedback and issue the certificate. That feedback will also be shared with you, the leader/manager which you can then use as part of their next supervision or 1:1. 

This whole process is designed to ensure learning really has taken place, that positive changes are being made, and that a hefty load has been removed from your already bursting to do list! 

What does the EYT CPD Collective look like? 

Currently our offer consists of a library of 10 training bundles to choose from. We will regularly update our library with more bundles, more subjects, update existing bundles to reflect industry changes, and we will be reactive to current research, trends, best practise guidelines and what you tell us that is needed. 

Just like our current courses, these will be booked through our online shop. You’ll receive a log in/link, a workbook, and a feedback form by email, and you’re ready to go! We don’t have a specific timeframe for these courses to be complete, we will check up on progress periodically and be available for help/support. 

 What about the bespoke courses that we offer? 

Our bespoke courses, face to face, and online leadership courses will still be offered in the same way – they still exist and nothing has changed. The EYT CPD Collective is an addition to our current offer, and will replace the “snapshot” and “inspire” courses we previously offered.  

What do you think?? We’d love to hear from you! Please share any thoughts, questions, comments you may have! Drop us a line! 

Coming soon! Watch this space! 

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