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Early Years Leadership was where this whole process began, with a desire to help leaders across the sector to lead and manager their settings. From one to one leadership coaching to online leadership programmes, we have our leaders at the centre of our work. As a not for profit Community Interest Company, Early Years Leadership is committed to reinvesting in the sector. Check out our website here while the rest of this site is being developed.

We will be adding more to this page in the coming weeks, in the meantime, please visit our Early Years Leadership Page for more info or email us:
Early Years leadership is a not for profit division of The Early Years Company. We work directly with leaders in the charity sector to support their growth and development, ensuring a great return on their investment. From team training to online programmes, we provide a unique and bespoke service to the leaders running charity preschools and not for profit settings.

Click the videos below to find out how EYL can help you.
"The Coaching Programme from Early Years Leadership has really helped me as a Nursery Manager. I feel more confident in my role and more prepared for my inspection"

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How Can Early Years Leadership Help You

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