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My Mood Stars – A Highly Effective Emotion Resource for Children

May 13, 2022
6 minute read

by Wendy White | Jun 27, 2021 

My Mood Stars 

A Highly Effective Emotion Resource for Children. 

We all know that the ability to express and control our own emotions is an essential social skill.  Recognising emotions in others is equally important. However, for the young child or for children on the autism spectrum trying to communicate feelings can be difficult and frustrating. 

This is also true for older people suffering from dementia. 

My Mood Stars ( enable all these groups to immerse themselves in imaginative play, either by themselves or with others. This offers a fun opportunity for them to talk about how and what they are feeling. 

Activity Sheets 

Two activity sheets are available as a free download. One here ( : for children 2 – 4 years and 4 – 6 years including some activities for non-verbal children. 

The other activity sheet is for our older adults to help with cognitive stimulation available here ( : 

Here is my friend Rupert with his set of My Mood Stars.  Recently Rupert, a non-verbal 23 year old with autism was able to communicate to his carers his anxiety about receiving the Covid-19 vaccine through using his My Mood Stars! 

How Effective are My Mood Stars? 

The soft, tactile My Mood Stars are named – Timid, Sad, Angry, Happy, Sleepy, Surprised, Scared and Silly – but their names can be changed to fit in with the user’s vocabulary. 

The choice of these emotions are because they are the most used amongst children and basic enough for children to relate to. 

The My Mood Stars are simply Stars with expressions, so there is no distraction of culture, age or gender. 

My Mood Stars can be used at home or in schools. Children play with their My Mood Stars like they would play their favourite soft toy, often talking to them and reconciling their own feeling with those of the Stars. 

Some examples. 

Here is a lovely example overheard recently by a previously unaware mummy: 

“Why are you sad Sad Star? Were you sitting on the buddy seat (a seat at school where children chose to sit if they have no one to play with but would like to play) today and no one wanted to play with you? 

And is that why you’re sad?” 

The child’s mummy overheard the conversation and was able to act upon it talking to her child and raising the issue with her child’s school. 

School teachers have written to me extolling the virtues of My Mood Stars. One teacher told me “After ten minutes of Circle Time with the My Mood Stars, the children went away “Lifted” and ready to focus their minds on the day ahead.” 

Some months back, a speech and language therapist informed me that during on of her sessions with the My Mood Stars and a young non-verbal child, the child was able to make a serious disclosure.  That child is now safe. 

My Mood Stars can be carried around just like other soft toys to bring comfort and reassurance to children for example on a long car journey, a visit to the dentist or hospital, first day of school, first birthday party without mummy, daddy or carer. 

They can even be worn (by over 3’s) as a badge which is perfect for non-verbal children. 

The My Mood Stars Board 

The My Mood Stars can be popped on and off their own (optional) My Mood Stars board, which is a fun activity in itself. 

The Versatile Stars’ backing is Velcro receptive and stick to the scratchy side of Velcro. Velcro dots are provided for users to place on the board. 

The highly popular My Mood Stars board arrives plain or ready painted! 

The Plain My Mood Stars board can be painted by the user in any colour they choose. 

I recommend emulsion tester pots. These  from Homebase ( are ideal and give just the two coats required. 

A mini paint roller is provided which children love to use to help paint the boards! 

After a recent poll, it became clear that younger children didn’t want to wait for the boards to be painted! (Let alone for the paint to dry!) 

They wanted to play with them NOW

So now, Ready painted My Mood Stars boards are available in 5 stunning colours! 

The My Mood Stars Workbook 

In addition to the My Mood Stars, their mountable board,  badges, and an the activity  sheets is the My Mood Stars workbook ( which encourages children to express their emotions verbally or through notes and drawings on pages provided. 

Each page displays a different My Mood Star. On the opposite page is a large text box for children to either write in or draw in or for parents/carers to make notes creating a diary of progression. 

I hope that this blog has been useful.  I just know that I haven’t covered everything in this blog – there is so much more to say! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me either via the website or on one of my social media channels – D.M’s always open 

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“We are featured in Twinkl’s Friendship Day blog, which aims to give tips towards improving relationship-building across the SEND community. Feel free to look at the other inclusive resources available on their site.” 

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