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Nursery Manager

Attended: 10 week leadership course

The Leadership and Excel course is an excellent way to learn about who you are as a leader. During this 10 week course which was lead by Kelly Hill has had a greater impact on how I lead my team, what’s involved and the importance of team culture and how to imbed greater strategies to form improvement and success. It has made me understand that what I am responsible for and why, it has improved the way my team come together and have a stronger working ethos and vision. I strongly recommend.


Nursery Manager

Attended: 10 week leadership course

This training was extremely inspiring and motivating. As a manager it helped remind me all the important factors of being a great leader and helps keep me on a narrow path of supporting my team. i’ve been able to reflect on myself and my team to support growth for the future.


Deputy Manager

Attended: 10 week leadership course

I found the training course so insightful and it’s helped me become a better leader and find my confidence to put the things i’ve learned into practice and implement them in my day to day. Kelly is so supportive and extremely helpful!


Attended: How can Social Media support my setting?

Brilliant session a lot of food for thought

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