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Mental Health Awareness - Supporting Learners
The last year has taught us all how important it is to focus on our own and others well being and mental health. Lockdown has shown us how the simple things in life can't be taken for granted.At the start of lockdown I was meant to be living in New York for 15 months, my […]...
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You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup - Especially During a Pandemic
Since the last Mental Health Awareness week, we have had a global pandemic that lasted for longer than any of us could have ever imagined. With mindfulness as part of my business, and being very attuned to my own mental health, I was surprised at how much the whole chaos of the world affected my [&h...
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Dealing With Anxiety - Travis's Story (age 16)
Anxiety is tough, it is annoying, it’s scary and it brings you down and beats you up just when you don’t need it.As a 16-year-old boy, I’ve dealt with anxiety a lot, sometimes being aware of it and sometimes being unaware, whether it’s at school, social events, meeting new people or (possibl...
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