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The Benefits of a Volunteer

December 5, 2022
3 minute read

I was in a small community nursery the other day supporting the manager when all of a sudden, we could hear a commotion going on in the toddler room. Cheering, clapping and the general buzz of excitement. I looked at the manager and asked what was going on.

'Oh it's OK  Angela is here' she rushed off and I assume let Angela into the building.

In my head I'm thinking, is it a music and movement teacher? Or maybe the ballet or football coach?

Turns out Angela is an elderly retired teacher who lives in the village, she comes once a week to read to the children as a volunteer. The children were so excited! I can only imagine that is how a pop star must feel!

As this week is National Volunteers Week we thought we would share with you the joy of recruiting volunteers and how to do this safely.

Volunteers can bring a special depth and cultural enhancement to, not only the children, but to the staff and to the volunteer themselves.

Take Angela, she missed being a teacher, her grandchildren were grown up and she wanted the joy of being around children. This particular week she had brought with her some rather old looking puppets to accompany her story of 'Brown Bear' her demeanor enchanted the children into a sort of gentle silence, they knew this was something fragile and something special.

It was only 25 minutes, but it's just what the children, Angela and the nursery needed.

Consider taking on Volunteers in your setting, but remember the following process:

1. Just like staff your volunteer needs a DBS check, this can be done for FREE!

2. You need to take 2 references for volunteers.

3. Your volunteer should have an interview

3. Your volunteer should be inducted on and sign to say they understand the;

 * Safeguarding Procedures

 *  Fire Safety

Using volunteers is an excellent way to connect to your community and enhance Cultural Capital.

Why not start by learning more about the groups that meet in your community?

For this blog I did some research of groups that meet in North Oxfordshire and found....

* Knitting and Sewing club

* Boules

* The Maypole Association

* Ramblers Association

* Choirs

And these are just a few!

Imagine the impact and experiences we could offer children by making these connections,

For any further advice on issues around recruitment and induction please do get In touch.

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