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The Early Years Company
Leadership Accreditation Programme

Embark on a transformative leadership journey with our Leadership Accreditation Programme, where every step is a testament to your growth. This is more than just accreditation—it's a guided expedition into your leadership potential. During tailored monthly sessions, connect with your experienced coach online to navigate challenges, refine strategies, and chart a course for success. 
This isn't just about earning a credential; 
it's about ensuring outstanding leadership in your setting!
Bookings opening soon - register your interest here!
Engage in monthly one-to-one coaching sessions tailored to address specific leadership challenges and opportunities, covering a diverse range of topics from leadership styles and effective communication to strategic leadership and maintaining a leadership mindset.
Upon successful completion of the 12-month programme, receive the prestigious TEYC Leadership Accreditation. Showcase your commitment to excellence with a framed certificate for display and a digital badge for your website and social media platforms, establishing your setting as a leader in high-quality early years education.
Enhance your learning experience with a comprehensive Reflective Toolkit. This resource is designed to guide your reflection after each coaching session, helping you explore key insights, set actionable goals, and implement new strategies in your day-to-day leadership practices.
Benefit from a continuous feedback loop throughout the programme. Share your thoughts on the effectiveness of the coaching sessions and toolkit at each one-to-one session. Measure your progress with an accreditation visit at the programme's conclusion, providing an opportunity to showcase the application of your learning in a full-day, in-person session.
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