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The Early Years Company

Wolverhampton & walsall

Jo Partridge, TEYC Wolverhampton & Walsall 
Jumping into the world of childcare and education back in 2006, I discovered my love for the early years sector in 2008. It's been a ride dedicated to bringing some positive support and training into to early years settings.

As an Early Years Trainer, I've dived into delivering all sorts of training, making sure everyone's up to speed with the best practice in the Early Years Sector.

In my current role as a Skills Coach, I've been guiding apprentices through Early Years, Schools, and Management up to level 5 for quite a while now.

Beyond teaching, I actively contribute to writing schemes of work, providing mentorship, and delivering bespoke training. Recently completing a Counselling qualification, I bring valuable pastoral support and mentoring experience to my work.

My passion has always been the early years sectors, wanting and striving for the very best outcomes for children and their families and supporting the sector to achieve this.
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