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The Early Years Company is your one stop shop for training, coaching and everything you need as an early years professional. First founded in February 2020, The Early Years Company is built on the bold mission to elevate nursery managers into incredible leaders, after our visionary founder, Kelly Hill, identified a gap in leadership skills in the sector.

Our core values – kindness, unity, innovation, and focus – have been our guiding principles in every decision we make.

We deliver much more than coaching and training; we boost leaders confidence, improve children’s long term outcomes through strengthening early years practices; upskilling and enriching the knowledge of early years professionals. We positively impact the next generation through our training and coaching, supporting and empowering leaders across the early years sector. By working closely with you, we get to know your ethos and values, creating bespoke support that makes a huge impact. 


The Early Years Company offers online coaching, face-to-face coaching and the coaching club. Select an image for more information.

Introducing the Coaching Club - Access weekly coaching, training and mentoring within a group of likeminded early years managers and leaders. Only £10 per month!

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Welcome to Early Years Leadership a not-for-profit division of The Early Years Company. Early Years Leadership provides bespoke support for leaders across the sector who are running not for profit or charitable settings. We are here to support the leaders in the sector, from training to HR support, we have a team of dedicated early years professionals ready to help you achieve your goal. If you lead a charitable or not for profit setting, click here to find out more
Hr in the Early Years can be a minefield as a setting leader and impacts greatly on the culture of your setting. Our Early Years HR consulting strives to create leaders who can successfully manage their teams, who have a toolbox to deal with all kinds of HR scenarios and to build a team that works together towards the ethos and values of the setting. Click here to find out more about how The EYC can help you with your Human Resources and people development
Here at The EYC we provide a range of training opportunities to ensure you and your team are fully skilled and knowledgeable to provide outstanding practice. From 1 hour Inspire sessions, to full day face to face, and 12-month whole team training packages, we can design training that is unique to your needs and helps your setting to thrive. Click here to find out more about the training and development opportunities we can offer you and your setting
Our brochure contains the latest information about the Early Years Company, from the latest training to coaching. Download today
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