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Guide for Nursery Managers: How to Support Men's Mental Health in Your Early Years Setting
Claudio Sisera, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs Mental health in the workplace is a topic that’s gaining much-needed attention these days. As nursery managers, we are in a unique position to influence the well-being of our staff, including the men who work alo...
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TEYC Birmingham South Turns 1!
Here at The Early Years Company, we can not believe it has been a whole year since we welcomed our first franchisee, Kelly Fisher-Beasley. Her business has grown into a huge success and we couldn't be prouder of her! We caught up with Kelly to see how she has found her first year... What role [&hell...
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The Start for Life Services Thematic Review: Moving Forward in Early Years Education
The UK government’s recent publication, "Start for Life Services: Thematic Review," (Start For Life services: thematic review - GOV.UK ( offers a comprehensive analysis of early years services and highlights critical areas for improvement. As professionals dedicated to providing early ...
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Supporting Ichthyosis Awareness Month
At Codsall Community Nursery, we pride ourselves on our ability to nurture every child's unique needs in a supportive and inclusive environment. This commitment is demonstrated in our care for one of our children who has Ichthyosis, a rare skin condition that requires specific attention. Our journey...
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The Importance of Creative Play in Early Years Education 
Kelly Hill, CEO & Founder of The Early Years Company Creative play is the basis of early years education, providing a range of developmental benefits for our youngest children. National Creativity Day on May 30th presents a prime opportunity to reflect on and emphasise the importance of creativi...
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Navigating the Implications of the UK General Election for Nursery Managers and Owners
Kelly Hill, Founder & CEO, The Early Years Company As nursery managers and owners, the announcement of a UK general election on July 4th 2024 brings both opportunities and challenges. The outcome of this election can significantly impact the early years sector, influencing funding, regulations, ...
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Making the Most of the Outdoor Classroom
Jo Partridge, The Early Years Company, Trainer & Coach, Wolverhampton & Walsall I was taking five after several visits out to settings that day, when  a reminder regarding the National Outdoor Classroom Day – 23rd May  popped up. Got me thinking. As someone deeply passi...
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Happy Staff, Happy Kids: The Impact of HR in Creating Positive Early Years Environments
Imogen Edwards, Redwing Solutions, HR For Early Years The 20th May each year is International HR Day. This seems like a great day to consider the ways in which effective HR in your Day Nursery or Pre-school can impact your employees in a positive way. Here’s four areas of HR practice that make a r...
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The Vital Role of Supervision and CPD Planning in Early Years 
When we think about early years, our mind is almost always drawn to children happily engaging in activities, with skilled practitioners scaffolding their learning as they play. However, when we explore more deeply, we recognise that an early years setting is not only shaped by the interactions betwe...
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Information Sharing: Advice for practitioners providing safeguarding services for children, young people, parents and carers, May2024
Kelly Fisher-Beasley, The Early Years Company Trainer & Coach, Birmingham South With safeguarding always at the top of our early years agenda, The Department for Education has updated its guidance on information sharing for people who provide safeguarding services to children, young people, pare...
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